Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Cut Out Design Site

I stumbled upon this site today.  They have some cute designs.  Check them out!  (And no, I am not getting paid/rewarded for promoting them, I just thought it was cool!)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Get Ready for Bare It!!!

   Bare-it Blog Hop

Here is the first page to get you ready for the May 14th blog hop called Bare It!  I used a design from Treasure Box Designs and combined it with a bear file.  Just because their pattern has a person doesn't mean you can not get creative and mix it up a bit! 

Bounce House

I posted this a while back, and finally found the time to upload to a free site.  I hope this works.

Selling Pages Can be Sad :(

I sell pages from time to time on ebay.  Today I sold my Easter Layout so I could by some more svg files. (A way to afford my scrapbook habbit.)  It was kind of sad to see that it sold because I loved the colors so much.  I know I still have the paper and can make a similar one for my scrapbook..but it is hard to part with some of the really cute ones.  When I think of the time that goes into a page, sometime I debate selling them at all.  (But I really like SVG files from Treasurebox and Little Scraps of I guess I need to get over it.)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Just Bear It!

Okay, so I am getting ready for a blog hop, which means I need to put off my chores and responsibilities and get back to scrapbooking!  Who needs a clean house anyway :)   Maybe I should just tell my boss I will be out sick, for!

So now the debate on what page layout to do.  I will post a few pics as we get closer of some of my personal pages I have done.  I am thinking about choosing from the following:

1. Bears and baseball
2. Bears at a carnival/bounce house setting
3. Bears out boating
4. Princess Bears

The choices...agh!  I need time (and  Off to get some inspiration!