Monday, January 31, 2011


So I finished my newest page.  Easter was so much fun to scrapbook!  I love the adorable bunny and chick, and the bear dressed as a bunny is too cute.  I think all this dreary weather had me blue and these spring colors just brightned the day up.  The pictures are kind of dark, so I am going to retake tonight. 

Here it is!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Glue Dots

Now that I have ranted about my purchased "empty" box of glue dots..lets get onto the reason I was so mad.  I love these things! 

If you are new to scrapbooking, or have been doing it for years and are like me (hate to switch up products I have never tried..) then don't wait any longer to try these!  They are awesome!  Have embellishments?  Have ribbon or other items and not sure how you can guarantee a great stick?  These are the solution.  Buttons, tags, picture mats, ribbons, flowers, you name it, it sticks.  I used to fight with my ribbon and the glue, waiting for it to dry.  Now I take a glue dot, adhere it to my embellishment and pop it on.  BAM!  Stuck for good!.  (Note- be very careful about applying, once on they will peel up paper if you try to reposition.)

And one last thing..make sure you shake the box and verify that they are in it!  LOL!

Kiss Me, I'm Irish

This is up on ebay :)  I had so much fun creating an Irish Themed page!  I had to hunt everywhere for the paper..JoAnn's, Michaels, Hobby Lobby..with no luck.  The employee at Hobby Lobby mentioned a scrapbook store around the corner and sure enough, they had some.  (The best part was the lady said that they would be getting in a whole lot more in the next few weeks.)  More Irish, here we come!

Speaking of Hobby Lobby, I purchased a whole basket of items while I was there, two of which were glue dots.  Much to my surprise and dismay, upon returning home and going to use them, one box was empty!  Some jerk stole the glue dots and put the box back.  (Seems stupid to not realize it there, but anyone who uses glue dots knows they are rather light in general, so when your tossing into your cart you don't even notice.  So should I take it back to Hobby Lobby and explain?  I can only imagine them thinking I took them, but I paid $5 for an empty box!

Monday, January 24, 2011

SVG Files

I was thinking about sharing some of my files as I add to my collection.  (I will occasionally make my own svg files if I need something.)  No where near as talented as TBD or LSH....but it works.  They would be free and for personal use only..anyone interested if I did this once a week or so? (No true commitments as I work full time and have 2 kids...madness I tell you..madness!)

Anyhow..if interested..please post so I know I have some interest in it. (The reindeer was a file I made into an SVG..if you are looking for an example of what I am talking about.)

Paper one can have too much scrapbook paper..right?

So I am on the hunt for St. Patty day paper.  I found a few sites online, but I refuse to pay almost $2 a sheet.  I want quality, but that would add up to way more than the page would be valued at, considering the amount of paper I use on each layout.

I checked JoAnn's this weekend and they didn't even have Valentine scrap packs..I was floored.  I love the selection of individual paper they have, but no holiday themed section?  (I found a eternal love/twilight theme pack though, and had to get it.)  After JoAnn's I looked at Michael's.  At least they had a Valentine theme area with cute paper which I had to have...but no St. Patty stuff..not a single sheet! 

Do they think we don't celebrate the best beer drinking day of the year?  Who doesn't like a chance to brag about the 1/100th of Irish you have in you some where down the line from your great great great whatever..  And I still need a page to scrap my "some drunk idiot backed into my car at the bar" photo from a few years back.  (I did the smart thing, left my car and got a ride home, and how did I get paid back...a completely cracked bumper from some not so smart idiot.) 

So...onto the search for acceptable scrapbook paper!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Love Ewe- listing on ebay

I made two versions.  One was featured on Treasure Box Designs page (that one was donated) and this similar one is being posted on ebay.  Normally I would change up the design and layout as it gets boring doing the same ones, but I thought this one was to cute to not go to a home that would appreciate it.  (Not saying that the person who wins the other one will not appreciate it, but a lot of people do not realize the time and effort that goes into each page.)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Love EWE!

Here is a page I did for Seasan's dance raffle basket.  I also did a bucket of kisses with a panda in it..and did I remember a

Ran out to JoAnn's one last time.  Had to stock up on more paper. (I love how when it comes to scrapbooking it is a "have to"..not a want.)   I think I am a scrapaholic.  Do they have help groups for that?  :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

So Many little time

Trying to decide what patterns I want to do next.  I still need to finish up my Valentine Train from Treasure Box Designs collection for my daughter's Irish Dance Basket giveaway.  (She got grouped in the Valentine Day Theme what better item to give then a scrapbook page.)  I was really hoping for the St. Pat basket, because I am working on an Irish Dress SVG file.  As time is short though, I guess it is good that they went with a theme that I could use an already made file.

Tonight I will post pics of my "Love Train" page for her dance basket. 

Scrapbookingbyleann Designs: Blog Candy Giveaway!!!!!

Scrapbookingbyleann Designs: Blog Candy Giveaway!!!!!

Check out this great scrapbook blog for a chance to win $30 in Little Scraps of Heaven Design gift cards. (Who can't always use more svg files?) :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Panda Bears

Here are the pics of the Panda's that I made.

Some of my Previous Work

Here are a few pictures of some of my previous pages.  Sorry about the picture quality, this was with my old camera and I finally got a better one, so lets hope it improves in the future.  Sorry about the small pics too.  I have to figure out how to get them to resize without going all blurry.  I will try tonight to see if I can fix it.

Cat's Eye Chalk

So last night I really dove into my new Cat's Eye Chalks. (Thanks to Treasure Box Designs that had the tutorial with the chalk.)  I always used the multi chalk in a pad and applicators (the ones that look like eye shadow applicators.)  After one or two piecings they would be shreded and it took forever.

All I can say is I LOVE the cat's eyes. They do a better job and are much faster.  Last night I got 3 sets of pandas and part of my train done.  (I work full time so evenings inbetween family time is the only time I can work on my scrapbook items.) 

I will post pics of my work from last night later today. 

Here are links to my two ebay auctions going on right now.
Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer

Visit with Santa

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My New Scrapbooking Blog

I figured I would stop dragging my feet about e-bay and blogging, and just go for it.  So here is my blog about my hobby and true passion, scrapbooking.  I am also going to use this blog to start posting items I have for sale, along with any ideas or freebies I decide to create.  I hope you all enjoy the ride : )