Monday, January 24, 2011

Paper one can have too much scrapbook paper..right?

So I am on the hunt for St. Patty day paper.  I found a few sites online, but I refuse to pay almost $2 a sheet.  I want quality, but that would add up to way more than the page would be valued at, considering the amount of paper I use on each layout.

I checked JoAnn's this weekend and they didn't even have Valentine scrap packs..I was floored.  I love the selection of individual paper they have, but no holiday themed section?  (I found a eternal love/twilight theme pack though, and had to get it.)  After JoAnn's I looked at Michael's.  At least they had a Valentine theme area with cute paper which I had to have...but no St. Patty stuff..not a single sheet! 

Do they think we don't celebrate the best beer drinking day of the year?  Who doesn't like a chance to brag about the 1/100th of Irish you have in you some where down the line from your great great great whatever..  And I still need a page to scrap my "some drunk idiot backed into my car at the bar" photo from a few years back.  (I did the smart thing, left my car and got a ride home, and how did I get paid back...a completely cracked bumper from some not so smart idiot.) 

So...onto the search for acceptable scrapbook paper!

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