Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Provo Craft is Loosing Another Customer

I think I have finally had it with Provo Craft.  I for one will no longer buy any of the cartridges and expensive add ons.  I made the mistake of buying the Gypsy last year and do not really use it.  I mean who needs what you already have on carts and can do in DS anyhow.  Besides, I like the SVG files I buy on-line 100 times better than I like the carts, and I can buy a lot of the patterns for a fraction of the price. (Hello PC...why don't you hire some of these awesome designers on the net to make you a cartridge?)  There are only so many swirls and geometrical shapes a person can own.

Now that they have settled with SCAL and did earlier with MTC I have decided that when my cricut dies or stops working with my SVG files, it will be trashed and not replaced with a Provo Craft item.  I am kind of leaning towards the Black Cat line, but need to do some research.  Besides, I will ride my expensive cutter until I can not use it anymore, but I will re-sticky my mats and not spend another cent on their items.

I understand that some think it is their right to sue these companies for using their product to cut the SVG's, but let me ask you this.  What would your cell phone be like if you did not have hundreds of apps to choose from and add.  What would your computer be like if you could only use Microsoft software on it and could not download design software if it was not by Microsoft?  I think PC has taken it to the extreme and now that my beloved SCAL is no longer going to be offered to link with the Cricut, I must say farewell PC.

What do you think?

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