Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Still Waiting on Paper

Trying to be patient, but I ordered Gril Scout paper a week ago and am still waiting on it.  I am trying to get it in time for TBD's release for the scout stuff..  ugh.  Last night the mail lady didn't deliver until 6:30PM! What the heck was up with that??  I think they know I am stalking my mailbox and am avoiding me at all costs. 

Tonight my goal is to work on inkscape and get some designs done for the girl scout page. (Maybe the Daisy petals, the Brownie Insignia, ect...).  That way I can have all those SVG's ready to cut when I get my paper.  In the mean time I am going to do a snow dance and hope I get at least a 2 hour delay tomorrow off work. (I need more sleep!)  Yes, I should sleep instead of scrapbooking, but who wants to do that?

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